During our 25 years in business we have been fortunate to win 55 awards with our first being in 1999. There are many reasons for entering awards and the many different awards programs offer unique benefits. Tourism Awards provide multiple benefits. These are a submission based and provide a platform for you to reflect on, and initiate improvements on your product through the questioning. Working through the questions often highlights things you may not have thought of and only improves the quality of client experiences. Direct feedback or review style awards like Trip Adviser are based on client feedback and you quickly learn you can’t please everyone – all the time.

Air B&B is a self-regulating platform that provides feedback both from the client and the operator. Our businesses have been inducted into the South Australian Tourism Hall of Fame 3 times (winning an award 3 consecutive times is the criteria) demonstrating consistent quality for consumers. All the awards programs provide credibility for businesses and give clients confidence in the product or experience the are booking. Kym and I now judge different award programs to give back to the industry that has provided us so much pleasure.

So if you own or are working in a business, maybe look at awards you can enter to give some extra credibility to your work place.

If you are looking at a business maybe ask if they have received any awards or accreditation to help give you confidence.

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