Gift Ideas for your Teachers

Our teachers have been our second mothers or fathers since we started school. From kindergarten to college, they were there to guide us in our study and help us be better versions of ourselves. And we cannot ever repay them for their time and effort they spent for us, their students. But it would be awesome to shower them gifts once in a while, especially during their birthdays, teacher’s day, Christmas or just any insignificant day. We’ve put down a list below of some of the most common things we give our teachers and further below we will direct you to a place where you can see more possible gift ideas for your favorite teacher.

Gift Cards or Personalized Notes

– this is the most common gift we give our teachers, since we started school up to the time we graduate this never gets old. Writing personalized cards, notes, letters or even emails, thanking them and letting them know how they made a big difference in our lives will surely show how we appreciate them. Personally, I believe that this by far is the best gift you can give your teacher, something that they can keep in their keepsake or memory book and in their hearts forever.

A bottle of nice wine (but ask first!)

– everyone loves a nice bottle of wine or any other alcohol once in a while, but make sure to ask your parent or guardian for assistance before buying this for your teacher. Also make sure that you know what they like so they can enjoy what you give them.

School supplies

– we know for a fact that teachers often spend their own money for some school supplies, and this can add up quickly. Any school supplies which they use daily, such as pens, markers, erasers, coloring supplies, etc. will indeed be a big help to your teacher.

A gift basket of the things they like

– after spending some time with your teacher, you most likely know what they like or enjoy as a hobby, so you can give them a basket full of it, it can be anything from flowers, to their favorite snacks, cooking items/ingredients, or even school supplies!

A book of their favorite author

– everyone loves a good book and for sure most of your teachers do. They might even be the one who introduced you to a certain author that they love, so why not give them that author’s latest book? Or if you have a favorite author yourself, you can also let them try their book.

Small potted plants for their classroom desk or home

– a little bit of greenery can certainly brighten a teacher’s day. So instead of giving flower bouquets as gift, why not give a potted plant which they can put on their classroom desk or at their home. They may have their favorite plants so you can either give them that or if it’s their first plant, choose a low maintenance one.

Gift Certificate for a spa or a movie

– every teacher would want to relax their mind and body after that tiring day or week or even a school year. So, you can give them movie tickets for that new movie in the cinema house or gift certificates for a spa or massage or anything that can pamper them and make them forget that tiring day.


– the average school day is roughly 6-7 hours, sometimes even 8 hours long for a student. But it is not the case for our teachers, they stay longer than 8 hours and even bring home some work. From checking test papers, making lesson plans and writing test questions, teachers do a lot more than teaching. Many teachers say that they rely on caffeine for that needed boost of energy and a nice bag of coffee beans or even a coffee subscription (if you can find one) will go a long way for them.

A handmade craft or decoration for the classroom

– may it be a drawing, a painting, a poem or song you wrote for them, anything that you made personally and gave to your teacher will definitely put a smile on their faces and brighten the days to come.


– this doesn’t cost a thing but is highly valued and appreciated by teachers. Just hanging out and spending time with them after class will show how you appreciate them. Nowadays, it might be difficult to personally spend time with your current or past teachers, so why not a schedule a video call with them? Just to check on them and how they’re doing will surely make them feel more special.

We hope that the list above helped and gave you some ideas on what to give your teacher on that next occasion. But if not, we still have more in store for you. Just visit us at https://www.loveasalocal.com.au/ and check out different items which you can give your favorite teachers. And guess what? You’re not only purchasing a gift for your teacher, but you’re also supporting local businesses! 😊

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