The Importance of Buying Local Products in today’s Economy

The past few months have proven to be very difficult, not only to Australians but the entire world population, because of the COVID19 Pandemic. A lot of businesses had to shut down or had to retrench some of their workers, and the ones who have survived chose the work-from-home set up.

Amidst all these, small to medium businesses popped up from everywhere, mostly selling their products online due to the current restrictions. From food to local produce to daily needs, you can find them all through online or within your community. To help us be enlightened and be supportive of our local products, we have listed down some good benefits below on why you should buy from your next-door neighbor:

  1. Number 1 on the list is the most important one – IMPROVING THE LOCAL ECONOMY. And what better way to help improve the community than by buying locally, right? You do not only support the business owner but helps in creating more job for your community once the business grows. More job for the locals and more taxes for the government to be used in different projects which also give back to the community – well, I can say that this one is definitely a win-win situation.

As Business-SA said in one of their articles last May 2020 “When you buy local you are supporting local families, as well as the economic prosperity of South Australia. It is up to us as a state to help our business community recover so our economy can thrive in the coming months.”

Let’s start supporting local businesses and buy locally.  Head now to loveasalocal.com and start shopping for your Christmas giveaway!

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